Wisdom and folly (Ecclesiastes 9v13 – 11v6)

Wisdom and folly (Ecclesiastes 9v13 – 11v6)

Welcome to our post for Sunday 13th June

Ecclesiastes is a book about life, death and everything in between.

We continue this week in our look at what ‘the Teacher’ is saying in Ecclesiastes in chapters 9v13 to 11v6.

Do remember the ‘meaningless chats’ taking place too as a supplement to our series. So far there is chat 1 and chat 2 available.

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The songs for this week are:

  • How good it is to sing (Psalm 147). Brenton Brown, Keith Getty, Stuart Townend ©2018, Getty Music Publishing, Brenton Brown Designee, Capitol CMG Genesis, Townend Songs | CCLI #7118912
  • Great is the Lord. Steve McEwan ©1985 Body Songs | CCLI #10769.
  • We have this treasure. Mike Busbee, Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham ©2005 Thankyou Music & The Livingstone Collective | CCLI #4814098