What’s so good about Good Friday?

What’s so good about Good Friday?

…it’s the day when we as Christian believers remember the death of Jesus Christ. It is also called Good Friday…

The crucifixion of Jesus

You can read about the death of Jesus in the Gospel narratives. Matthew’s Gospel writes about how the religious leaders, the Chief Priests and elders plotted to have Jesus killed and how Judas planned to betray Jesus into their hands. Matthew writes about how Jesus gave the disciples a way to remember Jesus death (The Lord’s Supper) which Christian believers now regularly do around the world today. He writes about how Jesus was arrested, tried before the politicians and leaders of the day and how Peter the disciple denied he knew Jesus because he was afraid. We read of how the soldiers took their turn of beating and mocking the prisoner Jesus until he was led out and crucified until he was dead. He was buried and a guard was set.

Read from the Bible: Matthew 26-27 (opens in new page)

Song: “O sacred head now wounded” (Fernando Ortega)

A Horribly Beautiful Friday*

At the center of a biblical worldview is this radical recognition: the most horrible thing that ever happened was the most beautiful thing to ever happen.

As we reflect on Good Friday, we turn our somber attention to the bloody cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. Could it be possible for something to happen that was more terrible than this? Could any injustice be greater? Could any loss be more painful? Could any suffering be worse?

The only man who ever lived a life that was perfect in every way possible, who gave his life for the sacrifice of many, and who willingly suffered from birth to death in loyalty to his calling was cruelly and publicly murdered in the most vicious of ways. How could it happen that the Son of Man could die? How could it be that men could capture and torture the Messiah? Was this not the end of everything good, true, and beautiful? If this could happen, is there any hope for the world?

*This is a post taken in part from Paul Tripp’s reflections on Good Friday and you can read it in full here (approx 3 mins read).

What’s so good about Good Friday?

“The single greatest sacrifice in human history”…
Originally shown at Passion’s Good Friday gathering in Atlanta on April 3, 2015.

Song: “The mystery of the cross (Jesus, thank you)”

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“Come to the cross”