Welcome to our service today…

  • Welcome, notices and prayer (Andy Macdonald).
  • Songs: “Be thou my vision” | “Come set your rule and reign in our hearts again (Build your kingdom here)”.
  • Video: Regrouping – “Sacrifice” – with Laura Porteus and Colin Adams.
  • Songs: “Who breaks the power (This is amazing grace)” | “O great God of highest heaven”.
  • Sermon: “Vitality” as part of the “Nothing shall separate us” series with Colin Adams (including Bible reading Romans 8:9-17 from Eilidh Macdonald).
  • Song: “Holy Spirit, living breath of God”.
  • Coming up…virtual T&C @ midday.

Sunday School

There is new Sunday School material this week and you can access this and the songs (opens in new window/tab).

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer (Andy Macdonald)


Today we are looking into our vitality in Christ. God has given us ‘another like his Son Jesus’, the holy Spirit, so that we have power to increasingly change into the likeness of Jesus and overcome sin. Our openings songs point us to God and his kingdom, so that God and God’s kingdom concerns us, motivates and moves us, directs and shapes us.

“Be thou my vision”

“Come set your rule and reign in our hearts (Build your kingdom here)”

Regrouping – “Sacrifice”

As part of our ‘restarting physical church’, we have started a series of chats to help guide our thinking and responses. Last week Colin was chatting with Andy and you can watch that if not already. This week, Laura returns to chat with Colin about the cost of meeting again.


“Who breaks the power (This is amazing grace)”

“O great God of highest heaven”

Sermon: “Vitality” with Colin Adams

This week’s sermon continues in the Union with Christ ‘Nothing shall separate us’ series with Bible reading Romans 8:9-17 with Eilidh Macdonald.

Song: “Holy Spirit, living breath of God”

We need the Spirit of God to renew our hearts, to encourage faith and give passion for God’s purity. This song encourages us to pray for the ongoing work of God in our lives by his Spirit. God has given us all we need for life and godliness…

Note this song has a long introduction before the singing

Coming up:

Virtual T&C at midday.

(Zoom details sent to members via eNews)

Community groups are back this week

After the extended summer period where we have been meeting to pray online, we return to our Community Groups. The links/details will be sent to you directly.