Upward mobility goes nowhere (Ecclesiastes 5-6)

Upward mobility goes nowhere (Ecclesiastes 5-6)

Welcome to our post for Sunday 16th May

Ecclesiastes is a book about life, death and everything in between.

We continue this week in our look at what ‘the Teacher’ is saying in Ecclesiastes and in chapter 5 and 6. This week there is a significant focus on what we say with words as well as having a right view of money, not hoarding or spending on self from wrong appetites but getting satisfaction in wise ways.

The Teacher gives us more to work through and put into action…

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The songs for this week are:

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YF continue back on Sunday evenings and they are looking at ‘Plugged in’

Tots & Co have started back under the current limitations and guidelines and is from 10-11am Tuesday and Thursdays.

This week is a Community group week.