Union with Christ 101

Union with Christ 101

Welcome to our service today…

  • Welcome, notices and prayer (Vic Walker).
  • Songs: “What gift of grace (Yet not I)”.
  • “Back to school with God” focus.
  • Songs: “How sweet the name” | “O Lord, you’ve searched me” | “Mine are days (Christ is mine forevermore)”
  • Sermon – “Union with Christ 101” (Nothing shall separate us series).
  • Songs: “By grace alone somehow I stand (Boldly I approach)”.
  • Coming up…virtual T&C @ midday.

Sunday School

There is no Summer Sunday School material this week but you can go to the content from the last 7 weeks and perhaps do one that you may have missed (or repeat one you did) or go through some of the songs from the Summer ‘Signs’ series. Sunday School’s home page (opens in new window/tab) is where you can access the video and material for children aged 3-11; or access the songs (opens in new window/tab).

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer (Vic Walker)

New series starting today

We start a new series “Nothing Shall Separate Us: Why union with Christ matters.” Today is “Union with Christ 101” – an overview and introduction. Let me remind you of some resources that will help you in ‘Knowing Christ.’ It has a reference to our recommended book on ‘Union with Christ’ by Rankin Wilbourne.

Also, let us point you to the ‘Re-grouping’ video that is the first some planned conversations about getting back together physically as church. It also picks up on some of the background to choosing a series like ‘Union with Christ’ and how it is hoped to help us.

Song: “What gift of grace (Yet not I)”

Back to School with God focus


“How sweet the name”

Beautiful lyrics and a beautiful tune sung by the team at Gracemount 20Schemes. As we think about our union with Christ, we want to take time to ponder and consider Christ himself: Jesus! My shepherd, brother, friend, my Prophet, Priest and King, my Lord my life, my way, my end…accept the praise I bring.’

“O Lord, you’ve searched me”

What can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus, asks Paul…Nothing! The love of God in Christ – ‘there is no greater love than this’.

“Mine are days (Christ is mine forevermore)”

This is another song by the talented CityAlight team which reminds us of the ‘forever’ nature of our union with Christ. Whatever we encounter as we walk life’s journey, Christ is for us and with us.

Sermon: “Union with Christ 101” with Colin Adams

Song: “By grace alone somehow I stand (Boldly I approach)

Coming up:

Virtual T&C at midday.

Prayer meeting on Thursday 13th August 8pm.

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