Thousand years and last judgement (Rev 20)

Thousand years and last judgement (Rev 20)

Welcome to our service today…

We continue our series, “All Things New“, concluding our study of the book of Revelation (you can catch up on the previous sermon series “Apocalypse Now” on Revelation ch-1-14 with this link).

We continue to be in ‘lockdown’ and the service from Greenview church building is livestreamed on our youtube channel at 11AM.

The songs in this service are provided by the following artists:

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Sunday School & Youth Fellowship

  • Sunday School continue to provide materials and engagement for Adventurers – Age 3-P1, Explorers – P2-P4, Pioneers – P5-P7 and are working through the beginning of the book of Mark this term, classes will be having a mixture of video lessons and zoom calls.
  • Youth Fellowship continues to meet on zoom for fellowship and bible time at 7:30pm, currently looking at 1 Corinthians.
  • Zoom links for both Sunday school and YF will be posted on the relevant WhatsApp groups.

Pray for all our leaders, teachers and parents as they navigate their way through this next term – pray for renewed strength and endurance as they seek to raise Greenview’s next generation to know and love the Lord as their personal Saviour for eternity.


Coming Up

Zoom T&C will be available after the Service around 12.15 this week.

Prayer meeting Thursday evening