The sword shall never depart

The sword shall never depart

Welcome Back to Remote Church @ GV Sunday 5th April 2020

  • Welcome, announcements and prayer (Andy Macdonald).
  • Song “All people that on earth do dwell”.
  • Slice of life – Dan, Narineh and family.
  • Reading – 1 Tim 1:12-17 (Liz Greig).
    (If you can please read 2 Samuel 13-14 in advance along with this article from Colin).
  • Sermon – “How God treats the worst of the worst” (Colin Adams).
  • Song “Who O Lord could save themselves (You alone can rescue)”.
  • Virtual ‘tea and coffee’ (taking place approx 12noon).

Sunday School – please remember to look in your email for the material sent to you via the Sunday School Mailchimp mailing list. Please let Laura know if you are not receiving it or would like to be added to the list.

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer (Andy Macdonald)

There is also a report on membership for Craig and Miriam McKellar (see photo at the end. You can read their report on our members page. This is a password protected page for members). This week Becky Taylor joins the church family. Welcome Becky!

Song: “All people that on earth do dwell”

This hymn is sung by the Grace Community Choir. Taken from Psalm 100, it reminds us to come before our Creator and sing, serve, praise and rejoice. It reminds us that we are made by him and as humans we are weak and frail, yet he cares and loves us. So we are thankful and proclaim his love to others. For he is good, merciful and faithful forever.

Slice of life: with Dan, Narineh, Benjamin, Michael and Rosie

The Paul family have been serving abroad for a few years in Asia with Wycliffe in Bible translation work and have recently returned to the UK to start in some new things. Hear from them and take time to pray through these things after the video.

Bible reading: 1 Timothy 1:12-17 (Liz Greig)

Colin encouraged us during the week to read 2nd Samuel chapters 13 and 14 in advance of today (this article gives background to today’s sermon). This morning we’ll be taking things forward to the New Testament and the letter of 1st Timothy.

Sermon: “How God Treats The Worst Of The Worst” (Colin Adams)

Song: Who O Lord could save themselves (You alone can rescue)

Optional song: “What love, my God”

This is a song from City Alight we were planning to learn this weekend. Enjoy…

Virtual Tea and Coffee

We tried this last week and it went well and people appreciated being together for a time. So join our virtual ‘tea and coffee time’ (again bring your own tea, coffee and biscuits). This is hosted by a couple of elders and will enable people to pick up on aspects of the service and pray with one another.

This will be an online gathering and is only available from around 12Noon (assuming an 11AM service start).

Craig and Miriam McKellar

Following their request to join the church family, you can read their report (available to members on a protected page)

Craig and Miriam McKellar

Becky Taylor

Becky joins the church formally following the recent report (this is a private page for members access only).