The return of the king

The return of the king

Welcome to our service today…

  • Welcome, announcements and prayer (Colin Adams).
  • Song: “Great is thy faithfulness”.
  • Slice of life – from Richard and Carrie Gamble and family.
  • Songs: “Faithful One, so unchanging” | “O Lord our Rock, redeeming King”
  • Sermon – “The King Returns” (Stephen Gamble) and Bible reading – 2 Samuel 19:9 -20:26 (Sam and Rachel Poole).
  • Songs: “In Christ alone” | “Lift up your heads” | “All I am and all I have is yours (build this house)”
  • Eulogy to Margaret Cormack, whose funeral was Wednesday 29th April (given by Allan McKinnon).
  • Virtual ‘tea and coffee’ (taking place approx 12noon).

Sunday School – new material available (Contact Laura Porteous if you would like access to this).

YF – is studying Proverbs this term and meeting
7-8:30pm on Sunday nights.

please pray for our children and young people as they too face uncertainty and challenges at this time

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer (Colin Adams)

Song: “Great is thy faithfulness”

As we come together, let us be mindful of the faithfulness of God towards us….“He remembers his covenant forever, the promise he made, for a thousand generations, Psalm 105v8”

Slice of life: with the Gambles


We have two songs that help us continue to focus on the faithfulness of God to us. The first is a simple, short song ‘Faithful One’ (by Brian Doerkson). God is faithful to his promises and this song reminds us of God’s promise to be our Rock.

The second song continues with the truth that the Lord is our Rock and also our ‘redeeming King’ (written by Tim Chester) and it is the Lord who brings us truth upon which we can rely and build our lives upon. It points us to God’s Word in which we find the many promises of God for us: it is ‘your promises that lead to rest’ and ‘in your word we hear your voice’. ‘Your commands are true’ and ‘your word is firm and will endure’…

Song: “Faithful One, so unchanging”

Song: “O Lord our Rock, redeeming King”

Bible reading 2 Samuel 19:9-20:26 (Sam and Rachel Poole)

Sermon: “The King Returns” (Stephen Gamble)


The ‘return of the King’ evokes much for us as we look forward as God’s people to this event…and we are to be ready! Here are three songs to choose from to enable you to consider the return of King Jesus.

“In Christ Alone” reminds us of all the Jesus has done for us, and continues to do for us and that it is in ‘his power’ we stand until he returns ‘or calls us home’. “Lift up your heads” simply encourages us to praise the ‘king of glory’, while the song “All I have and all I am is yours (Build this house)” reminds us of what ‘being ready for the ‘return of the king’ can mean for us in our present day to day lives.

Song: “In Christ Alone”

Song: “Lift up your heads”

Song: “All I have and all I am is yours (Build this house)”

Eulogy to Margaret Cormack,

(The funeral was Wednesday 29th April and this eulogy is given by Allan McKinnon).

Virtual Tea and Coffee

Join our virtual ‘tea and coffee time’. This is hosted by a couple of elders and will enable people to pick up on aspects of the service and pray with one another. This will be an online gathering and is only available from 12Noon.