“Longing for face to face” (1 Thess 2:17-3:13)

“Longing for face to face” (1 Thess 2:17-3:13)

Welcome to our service today…

  • Welcome, announcements and prayer (Andy Hunter).
  • Song: “Praise to the Lord the Almighty” | “Come behold the wondrous mystery”.
  • Slice of Life with Abigail Baah.
  • Songs: “O how good it is” | “Hear our prayer”.
  • Sermon – “Longing for face to face” (Colin Adams) including Bible reading – 1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13 (Daniel Thomas).
  • Songs: “When trials come no longer fear”.
  • Virtual ‘tea and coffee’ (taking place approx 12noon).

Sunday School and YF

Go to Sunday School’s home page (opens in new window/tab) where you can access the materials for each class (Adventurers, Explorers and Pioneers). There are songs (opens in new window/tab) for the current series ‘Paul on Mission’.

YF – is studying Proverbs this term and the meeting time is at 4-5.30pm

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer (Andy Hunter)


Our opening song “Praise to the Lord, the almighty” calls all of us as brothers and sisters to ‘draw near and praise him in glad adoration’. Whatever week you have had, we want to remember that the Lord is our Lord and ‘he is almighty’, ‘he is above all things’ and ‘keeps us safe at his side’, and ‘all you have needed has been met by his gracious ordaining’. He has been with us in his ‘grace and mercy’…so ‘let all that is in ‘me’ (us!) adore him.’

The second song, “Come behold the wondrous mystery”, brings our focus on the Lord Jesus who in his coming, showed us what God is like; Jesus is the revelation of God to us. It is in Jesus we see God ‘face to face’ – we see the glory of God in the face of Christ; and we are reminded too that we long to see him when he comes again.

Slice of Life (with Abigail Baah)

Please take time to pray for the opportunity to pray for Abigail and all that she has shared with us. Follow her lead and be thankful for all the things we have received from our God who is our Father.


As we come to hear God’s word read and preached, we want to sing 2 songs. One points us to the love we are to have for each other in “O how good it is is”, where the songwriters point us to ‘living together in spirit, in love and unity’ and how ‘acceptance and love are the fruits of his presence here among us’ (and even in lockdown as Andy reminded us last week, we may be in ‘lockdown’ but we are not be in ‘lockout’, but finds ways to express our love and care for each other.

The second is less well known, but in our songbook, and is a prayer (“Hear our prayer”). As we look at the prayer Paul has for the Thessalonians, we too want to pray in similar ways, that ‘God will be our hope’, that he ‘will break our pride’, that we will have ‘strength to walk with God each day’ and that God will ‘shape our yearnings to the gospel of his Son’.

Sermon: “Longing for face to face” 1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13 (Colin Adams)

including Bible reading read by Daniel Thomas

Song: “When trials come no longer fear”

The closing song “When trials come no longer fear” is a song that helps us turn our face towards the Lord, even when things are hard, are bad, are difficult. It reminds us that we are not to ‘turn to wisdom that is our own’ but have hope for ‘One day all things will be made new’…so we are to ‘see the hope you (Jesus) has called me (us!) to.’

Song: “When trials come no longer fear”

Virtual Tea and Coffee

Join our virtual ‘tea and coffee time’. This is hosted by a couple of elders and will enable people to pick up on aspects of the service and pray with one another. This will be an online gathering and is only available from 12Noon.

Coming up…

Remember Online Communion taking place next week on Sunday 7th June at 6pm and Sunday School Prize Giving Service on the Sunday 14th June @ 1130am (This is a LIVE service and more details to follow in due course).