You are the man!

You are the man!

Welcome to Remote Church
Sunday 29th March 2020

  • Welcome, announcements and prayer (Colin Adams).
  • Song “Amazing grace (My chains are gone)”.
  • Slice of life – Jonny, Lynsey and family.
  • Reading – 2 Samuel 12 (Laura Porteous).
  • Sermon – “You’re the man – 2 Samuel 12” (Zach Watt).
  • Song “What love could remember (His mercy is more)”.
  • Virtual ‘tea and coffee’ (taking place approx 12noon).
    (Remember the clocks go forward this weekend!)

Sunday School – please remember to look in your email for the material sent to you by Laura.

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer (Colin Adams)

Colin’s PS: look out for the appearance of Josiah!

Song: Amazing grace (My chains are gone)

Our opening song focuses on the abundant, lavish and ‘amazing’ grace of God towards us as sinful people. Grace that forgives and sets us free through the work of Jesus on the cross in our place. What a gracious God we have. It is something that David came to realise in this part of his story.

Slice of life with the McKinnons

Listen to a short video from Jonny, Lynsey and Abi, Eli, Nathan and Josiah on how the current situation is affecting them and what we can pray for them as we face it together. Once you have watched, take some time to pray for the things they raised.

Bible Reading – 2 Samuel 12 (Laura Porteous)

You can listen to the Bible reading in 2 Samuel 12. Or if you have more than one of you together, then why not open up your Bibles and share the reading round the group.
As an extra, turn to Psalm 51 as this is referred to at some points in the sermon. You can take time to read that too, or perhaps at another time during the coming week.

Sermon “You’re the man!” (Zach Watt)

Song: What love could remember (His mercy is more)

This is a song we’ve been enjoying singing over this past year…What love could remember (His mercy is more) – sung by Shane & Shane. As we consider our sin before a holy and righteous God let us direct our worship and praise to God for he is great in mercy towards us.
To help you further, why not read more about the song writer’s purpose in writing this song. He writes:

“Praise The Lord” is the real emotion that we should feel – that mercy “welcomes the weakest, the vilest, the poor” and allows us all to celebrate the fact that “His Mercy Is More.”

So as you sing this song, really shout out and sing the gospel because while our sins are many, His mercy is more!


Virtual Tea and Coffee

For those of us missing that opportunity to catch up and encourage one another after the service on Sunday, join our virtual ‘tea and coffee time’ (sorry you’ll have to supply your own tea, coffee and biscuits). This is hosted by a couple of elders and will enable people to pick up on aspects of the service and pray with one another.

This will be a ZOOM call (link opens in new window) and is only available from around 12Noon (assuming an 11AM service start) – Remember the clocks went forward this weekend.