A Tribute To The King

A Tribute To The King

Welcome to our service today…

  • Welcome, announcements and prayer (John Mowat).
  • Song: “Come people of the risen king”.
  • Slice of life – from Alec and Gillian Newall.
  • Songs: “King of kings, majesty” | “This is my desire”.
  • Bible reading – 2 Samuel 22:1 – 23:7 (Matthew & Muriel McKinnon).
  • Sermon – “A tribute to the king” (Colin Adams).
  • Songs: “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain (Revelation song)” | “How deep the chasm (Living hope)” | “Up to the hill of Calvary (Hallelujah for the cross!)”
  • Welcome to Reza and Firoozeh to the church family.
  • Coming next…
  • Virtual ‘tea and coffee’ (taking place approx 12noon).

Sunday School – new material available (Contact Laura Porteous if you would like access to this).

YF – is studying Proverbs this term and the meeting time is changed to
4-5:30pm on Sunday afternoon.

please pray for our children and young people as they too face uncertainty and challenges at this time

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer (John Mowat)

Song: “Come, people of the risen king”

We come to the end of our 2 Samuel series, “The triumphs and trials of the king” and again find ourselves being pointed to the greater king, Jesus. So as ‘people of the risen king, who delight to bring him praise’ let us come together and ‘tune your hearts to sing’ of all that Jesus is and all that he has and continues to do for us, his people…

Slice of life: with the Newalls

Please take time to pray for Alec and Gillian and the things they have talked about.


Our next 2 songs draw us to worship and bring our king honour and praise and adoration. ‘King of Kings, Majesty‘ and ‘This is my desire, to honour you’.

Song: “King of kings, majesty”

Song: “This is my desire”

Bible reading 2 Samuel 22:1 – 23:7 (Matthew & Muriel McKinnon)

Sermon: “A Tribute To The King” (Colin Adams)


As we close this series, there are 3 songs to choose from. In these songs we consider the victory that Jesus has won over death and sin. He is the victorious and atoning King. First there is the song we learned last year when doing the Revelation series, ‘Worthy is the Lamb who was slain (Revelation song)’ pointing us to the Lamb now on ‘heaven’s mercy seat’. The second song is also one we learned last year, ‘How great the chasm that lay between us (Living hope)’, which reminds us of the ‘One who has set me free’, and that ‘death has lost its grip on me’ and that ‘Jesus, yours is the victory’.

Finally, there is a song we ve not learned yet, but is also in our songbook to learn together one day, which brings all these truths together: ‘Up to the hill of Calvary (Hallelujah for the cross)’ and points us to the great work of atonement at Calvary. We sing ‘Hallelujah, for the cross’.

Song: “Worthy is the lamb who was slain (Revelation song)”

Song: “How great the chasm (Living hope)”

Song: “Up to the hill of Calvary (Hallelujah for the cross)”

Welcome to Reza and Firoozeh to the church family

Following the report on 26th April, we now welcome Reza and Firoozeh to the church family. We trust they will find fellowship and encouragement from us as we also are encouraged from them.

Coming next…

Next week (17th May) we plan to have online communion and details of how this will take place, and instructions on how to access will be sent to you on eNews.

Also we will be starting a new series over the coming weeks in 1 Thessalonians…”the Church that hopes”. Why not start to read and familiarise yourself with this letter from the Apostle Paul.

Virtual Tea and Coffee

Join our virtual ‘tea and coffee time’. This is hosted by a couple of elders and will enable people to pick up on aspects of the service and pray with one another. This will be an online gathering and is only available from 12Noon.