Serving in love – WHERE

Serving in love – WHERE

This section has been created following the recent ‘Serving in Love’ series at church, exploring the What, How and Where of serving in the church (as part of the wider Real Church series in 1 Corinthians in the mornings).

Links to hear/watch the various seminars as follows. Note that the ‘watch’ links takes you to the Greenview Youtube channel. What (watch), How (watch)and Where (hear).

You can get specific files relating to each section on their specific pages What, How and Where (this page).

The WHERE of serving

The files to help you better understand where you might serve the church. Use the Ministry Passion assessment to help you discover the people groups or social interests and other categories that explain your ‘passions’.

One you have done all the assessments from the WHAT and HOW seminars then use the Assessment summary sheet to bring it all together into one sheet.

Opportunities to serve

You can also look at opportunities that currently exist across the Greenview church family. Use the GV Ministries sheet to help you see the range of ministries and activities that take place. These are categorised by GO, GROW and SUPPORT ministries.

Use the Current opportunities sheet to see specific list of activities that are open for people to get involved, try out, provide a service.

Next steps

If you have any questions about these things then speak to your Community group elder, or Zach Watt directly.
1/ Complete & review all the assessments
2/ Pray over what you are learning and share
3/ Look at the current ministry landscape
4/ Review current opportunities
5/ Ask questions to find out more
6/ Pray!
7/ Arrange to speak with Zach Watt/Fiona Mowat

Ministry listings – GO, GROW and SUPPORT Ministries

Ministry opportunities