Serving in love – HOW

Serving in love – HOW

This section has been created following the recent ‘Serving in Love’ series at church, exploring the What, How and Where of serving in the church (as part of the wider Real Church series in 1 Corinthians in the mornings).

Links to hear/watch the various seminars as follows. Note that the ‘watch’ links takes you to the Greenview Youtube channel. What (watch), How (watch)and Where (hear).

You can get specific files relating to each section on their specific pages What, How (this page) and Where.

The HOW of serving

The files to help you understand yourself better as you seek to serve the church. Use the Personal Style assessment for you to identify whether you are energised by people or tasks and whether you are organised in a structured or unstructured way. Use this to share your tendencies with others.