Identity – Colossians Ch2v20toCh3v4

Identity – Colossians Ch2v20toCh3v4

In the second sermon of this series on union with Christ, Colin Adams looks at identity.

Who am I, what is my identity?

First, I have died – with Christ – to sin, which may still trip me, but doesn’t possess me.

Then, I have been raised from death, with Christ.  So, I have a whole new identity.  I am a son, a prince in God’s family and loved by Him.  I don’t need to look for any other identity.

No one can challenge this identity.  It is secure forever.   God, the supreme authority, assures it.  It is hidden in Christ.  The world cannot see it or understand it, but also it cannot take it away.  It will be revealed to all when Christ returns in Glory.

In view of this I have three things to do:

First, reflect on Christ in whom I have identity.  Then, remind fellow Christians of who we are. Lastly, we must recommend this identity to those who don’t yet have it.