Remote Sunday School

Remote Sunday School

Summer Sunday School aged 3-11

As it’s the summer time we’ve given the Sunday school teachers a break. There will be one video per week for all ages with a story and suggested activities to do afterwards with your family.

We all need evidence to know that what people say is true, really is true. Jesus said something about himself in the bible. That he is the Son of God, the promised king and rescuer of the whole world.

Over the Summer we are going to be looking at the evidence that shows Jesus really is who he says he is. The book of the bible we are looking at is John, that’s in the New Testament and John calls these pieces of evidence, signs. There’s 7 in total – will you piece it all together and believe that Jesus really is who he says he is?

Adventurers – Age 3-P1, Explorers – P2-P4, Pioneers – P5-P7

To make the series easier to remember, each lesson has a symbol associated with it, and there is a printable poster that the kids can add a new symbol to each week. They can be accessed with these links (open in new windows/tabs):

How-to draw videos

If your kids would like to try their hand at drawing the symbols, there are simple how-to-draw videos here.

Access Summer Sunday School videos

The videos will be published and available on the summer sunday school page.

Songs for the summer series are available on next page