Remote Church @ GV

Remote Church @ GV

In the light of current situation, Greenview Church remains ‘online’.

This is the homepage for ‘GV Remote Church.’ From here we will link to weekly content that is available elsewhere on our site. You can bookmark this page and know where to go from here to get the latest content.

Content will be posted here.

There will be emails to members sent every Saturday. Do check your emails!

Community Groups are our primary place for connection, support and care. We are meeting ‘remotely’ each week. Your CG elder will organise this and get the information to you about that.

Why not check out the sermon by our pastor Colin Adams in the light of the Coronavirus situation preached Sunday 15th March 2020 “Foundations in a time of fear.” Preaching from Luke 11, Colin directs us to where our focus ought to be as we go through this time of uncertainty.