Psalm Two

Psalm Two

Welcome to our service today…

  • Song: “All people that on earth do dwell”.
  • Welcome and prayer (Andy Macdonald).
  • Songs: “We fall down” | “Crown him with many crowns”.
  • Sermon – Psalm 2 with Paul Coxall.
  • Songs: “Though the nations rage (the Ancient of Days)” | “O Lord my Rock and my Redeemer”.
  • Coming up…virtual T&C @ midday

Sunday School

Go to Sunday School’s home page (opens in new window/tab) where you can access the video and material for children aged 3-11 as they join together for the summer season. There are songs (opens in new window/tab) for the current series ‘7 signs’.

Song: “All people that on earth do dwell”

As we continue our series over the summer weeks in Psalms, let us start by joining together and ‘sing with cheerful voice’ and ‘give thanks and bless him (the Lord)’…for ‘the Lord our mighty God is good and his mercy is for ever sure’.


Welcome, Announcements and Prayer (Andy Macdonald)


As we read and study Psalm 2 together, we see the majesty and authority and right of our God and the position given to his Son as the true King. Our response is to worship and live lives that honour him.

Song: “We fall down”

Song: “Crown him with many crowns”

Sermon: Psalm 2 with Paul Coxall

Song: “Though the nations rage, kingdoms rise and fall (the Ancient of Days)”

This song is in our SongBook though not learned together as yet. It picks up on the themes in Psalm 2.

Song: “O Lord my rock and my redeemer”

We introduced this last week and there is opportunity to ‘sing’ again. As Paul has helpfully shown us, Jesus is God’s true King, and we are to stop rebelling and submit to him. this song points us to Jesus and reminds us of all that he is and what he has done for us. The song is also included in our SongBook, although not sung together as yet…hoping this can be soon…

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Virtual T&C at midday

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