One To One – #3 Sophie’s Quotes

One To One – #3 Sophie’s Quotes

A book I’ve found helpful on the topic of one-to-one discipleship is written by Sophie De Witt. Here are some gems from her book “One to One.”

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1.”The common factor in one-to-one work is pointing someone to Jesus, to encourage them to trust and obey the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

2. Five main advantages of one-to-one meetings: a) understanding (“more time to and opportunity to clarify understanding and explore doctrinal issues”), b) application, c) example, d) accountability, e) training.

3. “Both Christians can talk about what it would mean to apply a certain truth in their specific circumstances and then discuss why it is so hard to do this in practice. This openness will make prayer for one another so much easier and more helpful”

4. Biggest dangers of one-to-ones

  • intensity
  • control (beware of heavy shepherding, one person being the guru)
  • legalism
  • over-dependence
  • pride
  • isolation (where one-to-one keeps people away from bigger church gatherings)

5. “So how can we love like this? The only way is to ask God for it! We need to meditate on Christ’s love for us shown in his death on the cross and pray for help to respond with his amazing love for us by loving others in this way.”

6. “The tone of the study needs to be relaxed and informal.”

7. “It is probably fair to say that these times of quality catch up are the lifeblood of a well-functioning church, where individual members are taking seriously the command to love one another by taking time out for other members of the church family.”

8. “If too much time elapses between each meeting, you are more likely to forget what you learnt the last time, and what you both prayed for, and there is more possibility of forgetting the next meeting time altogether.”

9. “It might sound obvious, but it is still worth stressing that prayer should be an activity that starts, finishes and infuses all of our Bible study.”