One To One – #2 Starter Kit

One To One – #2 Starter Kit

Let’s get practical about one-to-one meetings. What does it involve?

Find a partner
Think about who you might meet with. You might naturally start ‘fishing’ for your one- to-one partner from your Community Group. But don’t feel limited to that if you’re struggling. In terms of practical wisdom, it would be best to avoid meeting with a member of the opposite sex; and don’t necessarily go for “the obvious choice” (i.e. your best pal!). Expand your horizons! Turn an acquaintance into a friendship.

Be realistic
Unrealistic expectations are probably unhelpful here. For most people, meeting 4 times before Christmas would seem like an achievable target (once a month). However meeting either more or less will not be frowned upon! The important thing is that we give it a try.

What to do
Spend time catching up, hearing what’s good, hard and bad in each other’s lives. Allow the Bible to shape our conversations. You might want to walk through a short book of the Bible together (say Philippians/ Colossians), you could discuss a recent sermon, or read through the Word 121 material together. Ask how you can pray for each other and pray.

Many people find that an hour is enough (20 minutes chat / 20 minutes study / 20 minutes pray), but those sort of proportions could be adapted.

More resources
Colin Adams and Andy Hunter have recorded a short podcast that is now available (“A One To What?”) on the church website. There will be a further podcast coming in September too. Other helpful resources is the book “One to one: reading the Bible together” by David Helm and “Side by Side” by Ed Welch (this book will form the basis of the Caring for One Another course being run this Autumn – see below).