Meet the Resistance (Esther ch2 – A People Preserved)

Meet the Resistance (Esther ch2 – A People Preserved)

Welcome to our service today…

This week as part of our preparations for returning to church in our buildings, we are providing a recording of the full service.

You can watch this service any time with the second link below. OR you can join together with others and watch the service as it premiers on our youtube channel at 11AM.

Option 1: watch at 11AM via youtube channel

Option 2: watch at any other time via vimeo

Sunday School

New Sunday School material is available this week and you can access this and the songs (opens in new window/tab).

Coming up:

Online Communion @ 6pm followed by Virtual T&C.

This is a Community Group week.

(Zoom details sent to members via eNews/CG leader)

Next Week:

Service at 11.00am in Greenview (Also Livestreamed at

Praying for our Nation and Churches

October is the opportunity to pray every day for our nations and church. Follow the guide provided.

Download the Prayer PDF: 20201001 If_My_People_30_Day_Prayer_Guide

Spiritual Health Check

Remember too that we’re encouraging people to reflect on some spiritual health check questions.