Welcome to our service today…

  • Welcome, notices and prayer (Stephen Gamble).
  • Songs: “Christ is my reward (Christ is enough)”.
  • Video: Regrouping – “Physical” with Colin and Andy.
  • Songs: “Jesus friend of sinners (His forever)” | Mine are days (Christ is mine forevermore).
  • Sermon: “Identity” as part of the Nothing shall separate us series with Colin Adams and with Bible reading from Colossians 2v20 – 3v4 from Nigel Kenny.
  • Song: “Who am I that the highest king (Who you say I am)”.
  • Coming up…virtual T&C @ midday.

Sunday School

There is no new Sunday School material this week but you can access the songs for the new series (opens in new window/tab).

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer (Stephen Gamble)

Song: “Christ is my reward (Christ is enough for me”

Today we are looking into our identity in Christ. There is so much that identifies us. Our relationship with others such as child, mother, brother, colleague…but what about the identity God gives us in Christ? We can get caught up with ‘making our own identity’ in many different ways. This song calls us to focus our worship on Christ. From him we gain the most rewarding of all identities…and it brings freedom.

Regrouping – “Physical”

As part of our ‘restarting physical church’, we have started a series of chats to help guide our thinking and responses. Last week Laura was chatting with Colin and you can watch that if not already. This week, Colin and Andy chat about the importance of ‘physical’ church.


“Jesus friend of sinners”

Song from the Sovereign Grace team that reminds us that ‘I am his and he is mind – forever and forever!’

“Mine are days (Christ is mine forevermore)”

We introduced this song last week and here it is again, encouraging us with biblical truths about the nature of our relationship with Christ.

Sermon: “Identity” with Colin Adams

This week’s sermon continues in the Union with Christ ‘Nothing shall separate us’ series, and the reading is from Colossians ch2v20 -ch3v4 read by Nigel Kenny. There is an introductory video “Who Am I – Your identity in Christ” by Cleon Alleyne.

Song: “Who am I that the highest king (Who you say I am)”

We want to close with this song that helps us sing of the identity we have in Christ. As children of God, we have been given many blessings now and for future.

Coming up:

Virtual T&C at midday.

Prayer meeting on Thursday 20th August 8pm.

(Zoom details sent to members via eNews)