Handle With Care

Handle With Care

The Bible is more precious than gold (Ps 19:10-14) and even more necessary than food (Mat 4:4). It is God’s Word and therefore is valuable beyond all measure.

This means that we should handle God’s word with enormous care (2 Tim 2:15). Rather like how you would handle an expensive vase, we should take even greater care with priceless Scripture.

But what does this mean in practice? Well, 5 things at least…

  1. Read the Bible in Context
  2. Connect all Scripture to Christ 
  3. Carefully Observe the content of every Bible passage
  4. Work out the Meaning of the passage and
  5. Apply Scripture to our lives

A helpful way to remember this is the acronym COMA

    • CContext (& Christ)
    • OObservation
    • MMeaning
    • AApplication

On this page, you will find the handouts from the Spring 2024 series where we talked through this material (the YouTube videos are found here and the audio here). Session 1 of our series was an overview on ‘handling with care’ from 2 Timothy and followed it up with 5 further sessions on Context, Observation, Meaning, Christ and Application.   We hope it will make a positive difference to your study of Scripture.

Session #2 – Context

Session #3 – Observation

Session #4 – Meaning

Session #5 – Christ

Session #6 – Application