Growth – Colossians 1v9-14

Growth – Colossians 1v9-14

Welcome to our post for Sunday 29th August

We continue our new series for Autumn, looking at the letter to the Colossians. Here are the three themes we are going to discover again and again in the letter to the Colossian believers. 

1) CHRIST (who he is and what he has done)
2) IN CHRIST (who we are and what he has done for us)
3) CONTINUE IN CHRIST (who we are becoming as we continue in him)

Join us as we find out just how “all sufficient” Jesus and his gospel is.

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The songs for this week are:

1/ Who O Lord could save themselves (You alone can rescue). J Myrin & M Redman © 2008 Atlas Mountain Songs / Said And Done Music / Sixsteps Music / Thankyou Music | CCLI #5376377
2/ Before the throne of God above. Charitie L. Bancroft © Public Domain | CCLI #990391
3/ Hear our prayer. Greg Cooper © 2014 Rhinoceros Music Publishing & Andrew Judd Based on the hymn ‘Father, hear the prayer we offer’ (Words: Love M. Willis 1859) | CCLI #7033935
4/ What love could remember (His mercy is more). Matt Boswell & Matt Papa © 2016 Messenger Hymns / Love your Enemies Publishing | CCLI #7065053

Our service includes communion.