God wants us to grow up and mature in our faith and walk as Christians together.

His desire for us is that we become more like Jesus.  It’s about transformation, from the inside out and affects our responses, behaviours, attitudes, actions, thinking. In fact everything about us!

It affects how we live in family, or at work, in our communities and neighbourhoods.

But we don’t do change on our own!  We need the Holy Spirit to help us to grow up in the Christian faith.     God has also given us each other in the church.   Church is the place to start and continue as we worship together, learn together, serve together.

We do this at Greenview in a number of ways.

We have our Sunday services which enable us to worship as we sing, read God’s Word, listen to it being taught and explained to us. We take opportunities to pray for the things that God is concerned about so that we too become concerned about the same things – our maturity, the extension of his Kingdom and being his witnesses and stewards here on earth.

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We also spend time together in Community Groups.   Find out more about these groups, put in place to help us grow together…