God and Anxiety

God and Anxiety

Human beings know anxiety well. It creeps up on us and seems to capture our hearts and imagination in the face of all types of circumstances. Unchecked, it spirals and compounds, morphing into a fierce beast.

Who is the God who can bring ‘consolation of joy to the soul’? What does Scripture teach on the relation between the living God, human nature, and the struggles of deep anxiety?

The audio below is from the conference that took place on 28th April 2018 at St Columba’s Free church in Edinburgh.

Cory Brock from St Columba’s Free Church takes an in depth look at Scripture (Talk 1) and Helen Thorne from Biblical Counselling UK will take these theological themes and applies them to the realities of life in this unpredictable world (Talk 2)

You can access the talks here.

A few of us went from Greenview and found the talks stimulating and helpful.

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