Everything is meaningless! (Ecclesiastes 1)

Everything is meaningless! (Ecclesiastes 1)

Welcome to our sermon post for Sunday 18th April

Ecclesiastes is a book about life, death and everything in between.

We all like to think about purpose. We need to know why we do something.  When we are young we just do things because we are told to but there comes a time when you start to question ‘why?’  For what purpose? 

Imagine someone asks if you’d like you to go George Square in Glasgow between 3 and 5 next Saturday afternoon. You would ask ‘why’ and they say, ‘what do you need to know for, I’ve asked you, can you just do it’. And you’d probably say ‘forget it!

Because you wouldn’t do something without knowing the reason why. You’d want to know what for!  What would you get? What would you gain? What is the purpose?  You need to know you are not wasting your time! But if you will ask this question about how you will spend an afternoon for 2 hours in Glasgow… 

Will you ask the same question about how you are spending your whole life? What is ultimate purpose?

Join us as we start to look at what the ‘Teacher’ of this book has to say.

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