War of the Worldviews (WSGP Churches Conference 2023)
  • 25 Bath Street,
    G2 1HW

  • The Tron Church

War of the Worldviews (WSGP Churches Conference 2023)

Saturday 7 October, 9.30am–4.00pm The Tron Church, 25 Bath St, Glasgow 

The West of Scotland Gospel Partnership are hosting a one-day conference where we will consider together how Christians, and gospel Churches, navigate the increasingly hostile culture in which we are called to mission.

As our society diverges more and more radically from a Christian worldview, our speakers will help us to think with biblical clarity about some key issues in this war of worldviews, so we don’t collapse and conform, but rather conquer, in our witness to the Lord Jesus:

Worldviews and their Consequences

Sharon James, Author of The Lies we are Told and the Truth we must Hold

Many tell us today that Christianity is oppressive, bigoted, patriarchal, colonialist, and ‘on the wrong side of history’. In the face of such hostility, it can be tempting to stay quiet, and keep our faith private. But when we understand the devastating real-life impact of unbiblical worldviews we won’t be intimidated. And when we understand that the biblical worldview is the only firm foundation for the defence of justice and freedom, we will be more confident to proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Standing for Gospel Freedom in a Hostile Age

Ciarán Kelly, The Christian Institute

The gospel is not limited to personal salvation – it impacts every area of life. God has set out his good design for society in his Word, and if we want to see that society transformed by the gospel we must be ready to take a stand for Christian truth wherever the battle rages most fiercely.

Identity and the Worship of Self

Matthew Roberts, Trinity Church, York, Author of Pride: Identity and the Worship of Self

Has the 21st century discovered a key part of human nature of which Christianity has, up till now, been ignorant? That certainly seems assumed by many, and openly claimed by some, when questions of sexuality and gender identity are discussed. But in fact far from needing to be ‘corrected’ by a recent discovery, Christian doctrine is fully resourced both to understand the phenomenon of this new belief in ‘identity’, and to bring exactly the good news which those affected by it need to hear.

Location and tickets/costs

The venue will be The Tron Church’s Central location at 25 Bath Street, and booking and further details are available via this web link https://www.tron.church/conference. Entry for the day is £10, with a concession of £5 for students, which includes materials and refreshments, but not lunch.