Summer Evening Service with Communion
  • G41 3RQ

  • Greenview Church

Summer Evening Service with Communion

Our Evening Service will be at 6pm this summer (June to August).

We meet to remember Jesus who lived and died for us to enable us to have a relationship with God.

Jesus death on the cross  still is a significant event for Christians around the world who meet regularly to celebrate and remember the cost of our sins being forgiven.

To help us, we have a mini teaching series called “Crosswords”. 

We are going to be using our ears more than our eyes. We will be approaching Calvary with our ears wide open to what was being said. Some of the ‘cross-words’ will be wonderful, other words will be
decidedly horrible, but all the words will be meaningful.

For all those that love Jesus and seek to follow Him and are part of a local church fellowship are welcome to participate in communion with us.