Evening with Nancy Guthrie
  • St Silas Church
    69 Park Rd,

  • St Silas Church

Evening with Nancy Guthrie

10ofthose is delighted to be co-ordinating Nancy Guthrie’s UK tour in September 2023 which includes various locations in Scotland and Newcastle and we are extremely grateful to St Silas Church, Glasgow for hosting this particular event.

Nancy Guthrie will give two messages with a short break in between:

A Home More Secure Than Eden: The Story of the Offspring

At the beginning of the Bible’s story read about a promise God made—a promise made to the serpent that one day a child will be born who will crush his head. Throughout the rest of the Bible’s story we see the constant struggle between the offspring of the serpent and the offspring of the woman. But we also see in our own lives that we have an enemy who is against us. How and where do we find real security in a world of so much evil and conflict?

A Marriage that Will Last Forever:  The Story of the Bridegroom
The Bible begins with God presenting Adam with his bride, Eve, and ends with God presenting Christ with his bride, the church. Everything in between is the story of God’s loving pursuit of his run-away bride. 

10ofthose.com are pleased to be providing a bookstall at this event. We are a Christian Book Publisher and Distributor. Our resources are carefully chosen to ensure that they point to the Lord Jesus. We are passionate about what we recommend because we know that as books point to Jesus, they can totally change a life. We have experienced that in our own lives, and we want others to experience that too! 

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