Evangelism Reimagined – 12Oct2019
  • 58 Shandwick Place
    EH2 4RT

  • Charlotte Chapel

Evangelism Reimagined – 12Oct2019

This conference welcomes US apologist and evangelist Randy Newman (author of Questioning Evangelism and Bringing the Gospel Home) who will lead our thinking about conversational and relational evangelism that works for the 21st Century.

Gone are the days when thousands walked forward at the invitation of an evangelist to give their lives to Christ. The practice of evangelism today is more about the slow and steady dismantling of false ideas; the gradual building of understanding; and developing trust in relationships and the church community as we walk with friends towards gospel commitment. And there are often difficulties, setbacks and obstacles on the road to faith.

How do we equip ourselves and our churches for effective outreach and evangelism in this climate? 

Randy Newman has a lifetime’s experience in helping others to faith, and training believers in the art and practice of everyday conversational evangelism.

Join us for an absorbing and interactive day of stimulating input, practical training and exercises, and real-life case studies that will help us all engage more thoughtfully with people as we share the message of Christ.

This Conference will take place in Scotland for the first time at Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh. For more information and tickets.

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