Confident Christianity – 22Feb2020

Confident Christianity – 22Feb2020

How can you be confident of the message of Christ?

Do you find the thought of talking about Jesus to friends, neighbours, classmates or colleagues daunting? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking “what if I say something that makes God look bad?”

Or wondering what happens if they raise a challenging question or objection to which you’re unable to respond. (“Aren’t Christians bigoted and homophobic?”; “Isn’t the Bible unreliable and full of errors?”; “Hasn’t science buried God?”; “Isn’t religion just a psychological crutch?” … and the list goes on).

Well, you’re not alone! In the fast-paced, sceptical and secular culture in which we live, most of us find evangelism a bit daunting. 

That’s why Solas is partnering with Maxwell Mearns Castle Parish Church for a Confident Christianity conference in Glasgow. Solas will be bringing a great line-up of speakers including their own Andy Bannister. They’ll help you become confident and empowered to talk about Jesus more naturally, engage in evangelism that persuades people, and feel equipped to answer the questions of your friends.

Speakers and Topics:

Iain Morris (Exploring The God QuestionGrasping the Nettle)
“God and Science Under the Microscope”

Andy Bannister
“Are We Matter or Do We Matter: Why what you believe about God changes everything”
“How to Talk About Jesus Without Looking Like An Idiot”

Ben Thomas
“Reconciling God with a Suffering World”
“Sharing the Gospel with LGBT Friends, Colleagues and Family”

As the popular evangelist J John once said: “Many times Christians are like arctic rivers. They have frozen mouths.” Come along to a Confident Christianity conference and de-thaw!

Tickets available on eventbrite (opens in new tab/window)

Adults: £15 (concession is £10) and students/youth is £0.