2020 GLO Mini-Bible School- Creation Care – 21&23rd Jan2020
  • 78 Muir St,
    ML1 1BN

  • GLO Auditorium

2020 GLO Mini-Bible School- Creation Care – 21&23rd Jan2020


Our first Task, Our Greatest Challenge

In this year’s GLO Mini Bible School, we will be looking at the issue of Creation care and our responsibilities as stewards of our world.  Environmentalism is a relevant topic today with many suggesting that we are living in a ‘climate emergency’.  People like Greta Thunberg have become household names as have protest movements such as Extinction Rebellion.  What are we to make of this issue?

We want to look at the environmental debate from a Christian perspective and ask what does the Bible actually say about creation care?  We also want to evaluate some of the philosophies that lie behind the ‘environmental agenda’.  We will offer some practical insights as to the challenge our planet faces and the opportunities for witness and mission that the environmental debate raises.       

Joining our regular team we are delighted to have a guest with us again this year.  David Gould is OMF International’s Facilitator for Creation Care. His task is to explore the impacts of the growing ecological crisis, particularly on the peoples of East Asia; and to help develop appropriate missional responses. 

Tuesday 21 January 7:30 pm
  • Session 1 Tenants in God’s World: A biblical theology (Allan McKinnon)
  • Session 2 The Better Christian Story: mother nature or God of creation? (Stephen McQuoid)
Thursday 23 January 7:30 pm
  • Session 3 Climate change, the ecological crisis and why they matter (David Gould)
  • Session 4 Living sustainably, and shaping our gospel mission and witness (David Gould)