Eden restored (Rev 22v1-5)

Eden restored (Rev 22v1-5)

Welcome to our service today…

We continue through our study of Revelation, this week in chapter 22, hearing more about this new heaven and new earth.

We also continue to produce ‘Revelation conversations‘ each week with additional material that engages with the passage. Brought to us by Colin Adams and David Wylie. Use this link to access the list of ‘mini-talks’.

(Remember you can catch up on the previous sermon series “Apocalypse Now” on Revelation ch-1-14 with this link).

We continue to be in ‘lockdown’ and the service from Greenview church building is livestreamed on our youtube channel at 11AM.

The songs in this service are provided by the following artists:

A song that we had hoped to play in the livestream service is ‘Are you thirsty? (Living waters) by Keith & Kirsten Getty. But we are unable to play this due to copyright reasons. We are however allowed to link to it from our website. So please enjoy…

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Coming Up

Online communion is at 6pm followed by T&C catch up.

This is Community Group week.