Easter Sunday 12 April Remote Church @ GV

Easter Sunday 12 April Remote Church @ GV

Welcome to Easter Sunday!

This is the Sunday when we usually gather together to celebrate the most amazing news that Jesus has risen from the grave and is alive! Well, in today’s current situation of ‘lockdown’, we can’t physically be together to bring our praises to our Lord and Saviour and consider again the dramatic and life transforming message together. But let us be encouraged, and built up and taught again about these most foundational truths for the Christian believer.

  • Welcome, announcements and prayer (Andy Hunter) including an update from the Treasurer (Chris Mackison).
  • Songs “I cast my mind to Calvary (O praise the name)” / “Jesus Christ is risen today”
  • Slice of life – Jonathan Hannay.
  • Bible Reading – John 20:19-31 (Inonge Siluka).
  • Sermon – “Drawing near in lockdown” (Colin Adams).
  • Songs: “See, what a morning” / “Jesus is alive”.
  • Virtual ‘tea and coffee’ (taking place approx 12noon).

Sunday School – please remember to look in your email for the material sent to you via the Sunday School Mailchimp mailing list. Please let Laura know if you are not receiving it or would like to be added to the list.

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer (Andy Hunter)

Its Easter Sunday – Christ is risen!

Song: “I cast my mind to Calvary”

This song helps us focus on the event at Calvary where Jesus bled and died…

Optional song: “Jesus Christ is risen today”

This is another song you may like to play and sing long to. It is a classic hymn sung by the Kings College Choir.

Slice of life: with Jonathan Hannay

Take time to pray through the things that Jonathan shares after the video.


Bible reading: John 20:19-31 (Inonge Siluka)

Sermon: “Drawing near in lockdown” (Colin Adams)

Song: “See, what a morning”

Optional songs: “Jesus is alive!”

This is an additional song from City Alight to enjoy.

Song: “What is our hope in life and death? (Christ our hope)”

Virtual Tea and Coffee

Join our virtual ‘tea and coffee time’. This is hosted by a couple of elders and will enable people to pick up on aspects of the service and pray with one another.

This will be an online gathering and is only available from around 12Noon (assuming an 11AM service start).