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  • Welcome, notices and prayer (Zach Watt).
  • Song: “We are his kingdom (We declare)”.
  • Video: Regrouping Episode 5 – “Singing”.
  • Songs: “I stand amazed” | “Loved with everlasting love”.
  • Sermon: “Destiny” final part of the “Nothing shall separate us” series with Colin Adams.
  • Song: “What gift of grace (Yet not I)” | “The sands of time are sinking (In Immanuel’s Land)”.
  • Coming up…virtual T&C.

Sunday School

New Sunday School material is available this week and you can access this and the songs (opens in new window/tab).

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer (Zach Watt)

Song: “We are his kingdom (We declare)”

We’ve been considering the great theme of our union with Christ these past few weeks. A song we introduced from our SongBook points us to great biblical truths that ‘we are his kingdom’, ‘we are his bride’, ‘we are his people’, ‘his treasured prize’, ‘we are his’. We are ‘beloved ones’. So let us use the song to ‘declare the praises of Jesus’, looking forward to the day when ‘he comes in glory’.

Video: Regrouping – “Singing” (Part 1)

Continuing in our “Regrouping” series, this is Part 1 of 2 looking at singing, what our experiences have been like, and why we sing. (Part 2 is available and looks at some of the practicalities of singing when we regroup again).


God has been pursing a relationship with his people. This has always been his plan. The whole Bible story leads us to the truth that we are made to dwell with him forever. And in God’s purposes, in his love, he sent his Son, to restore that relationship and enable us to be with him forever. These 2 older hymns help us focus on our wonderful saviour Jesus and his love for his people.

“I stand amazed”

“Loved with everlasting love (I am his and he is mine)”

Sermon: “Destiny” with Colin Adams

This week’s sermon continues in the last of our series ‘Union with Christ – Nothing shall separate us’ series.


We close our service with 2 songs. The first reminds us that as we consider our salvation, forgiveness, being remade so that we are able to be in God’s presence in a day to come – it is all of Jesus. It is ‘Christ in me’ that brings it all about. ‘He has said he will bring me home’. The second song (In Immanuel’s land) helps us look forward and anticipate being with Jesus himself, not just being in the place that is heaven: ‘I will not gaze at glory but on the bridegrooms face’.

“What gift of grace (Yet not I but through Christ in me)”

“The sands of time are sinking (In Immanuel’s land)”

Note that this is a long version. The main song finishes about 4mins20 after which it continues further

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Virtual T&C at Midday

This is an Online Prayer Meeting week.

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