Book Review – “Dig Deeper”

Book Review – “Dig Deeper”

In the first of a new series, Laura Porteous reviews a book which has helped her…

Looking for something to help you get stuck into the Bible? Want to understand Scripture for yourself and love what you read? Then look no further!

Dig Deeper is one of the most user-friendly books out there on helping you read your Bible. Nigel Beynon and Andrew Sach do an excellent job of showing you how to get stuck into Scripture in a way that will bring truth to your mind and joy to your heart. They give the reader an easy to use ‘Bible toolkit’, each chapter providing one Bible handling tool with worked examples. The ‘dig deeper’ slots then allow the reader to put their new tool-knowledge into action. By doing these exercises we are helped to interpret the Bible (even the tricky passages!) while being shown how the whole Bible is connected, and points to Jesus.

Dig Deeper can be used by all ages and stages. Whether you’re a new Christian or an old hand, aged 10 or 100, this is a recommended book for getting to grips with God’s Word. It’s what I use when I’m writing talks, Bible studies, one-to-ones or even a whole term of dates for the youth programme. I have read this book cover to cover multiple times and thumb through it regularly. Along with the Bible, I wouldn’t mind handing this book out by the box-load to all new believers!

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