Welcome to our service today…

  • Welcome, notices and prayer (Andy Hunter).
  • Songs: “Though the nations rage (Ancient of Days)” | “In Christ alone”.
  • Video: Regrouping – “Anxiety” – Colin Adams with Zach Watt.
  • Songs: “The church’s one foundation” | “We are his kingdom (We declare)”.
  • Sermon: “Body” as part of the “Nothing shall separate us” series with Colin Adams (including Bible reading 1 Cor 12v12-31.
  • Song: “Lift up your voices (The love of the Father)”.
  • Coming up…virtual T&C @ midday.

Sunday School

There is new Sunday School material this week and you can access this and the songs (opens in new window/tab).

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer (Andy Hunter)


As we start our service, we want to lift our gaze to our God and be reminded of his power and glory even as we face uncertainties and difficulties which can be full of anxiety and fear and worry for us, there is none or nothing that is greater or more powerful than our God. And we pick this up in our first song. Our God is the one whom deserves our praise and worship and our trust.

“Though the nations rage (Ancient of Days)”

The second song focuses on our salvation in Christ alone. Christ is where our ultimate hope and rest comes, ‘where fears are stilled’ and ‘sins curse has lost its grip’ and there is ‘no power of hell or scheme of man can ever pluck me from his hand’.

“In Christ alone”

Regrouping – “Anxiety”

As part of our ‘restarting physical church’, we have been doing a series of chats to help guide our thinking and responses. Last week Colin and Laura were chatting about sacrifice in the context of restarting/regrouping. This week, Colin gets an opportunity to ask Zach Watt about what fears, anxieties and worries we may be facing and what we do in our response.


As we come to listen to this week’s sermon, where Colin is focusing on the themes of unity – that our union with Christ means unity with each other in the church, a couple of songs help us focus on the church. The first ‘the church’s one foundation’ is a classic older hymn brought to us by Jubilate, and the second is a another from Emu Music, is one that was planned to be learned together from our Song Book. Both draw on scriptural truths of what the church, the body of Christ is and how we are to be the church together.

“The church’s one foundation”

“We are his kingdom”

Sermon: “Vitality” with Colin Adams

This week’s sermon continues in the Union with Christ ‘Nothing shall separate us’ series with Bible reading 1 Corinthians 12:21-31.

Song: “Lift up your voices (the love of the Father)”

We close our service with the song that enables us to declare ‘We are the people of God.’ Union with Christ means we have unity together as his people and as we consider God’s great love for us then we seek to love him and love others as an expression of our union with Christ and unity with each other.

Coming up:

Virtual T&C at midday.

Prayer meeting week this week.

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