Bible Bonanza

Bible Bonanza

To supplement our Biblical series, I thought I’d jot down some resources on the topic of the Bible and its authority. These articles, videos and books might be of interest to you – or they may be something you could direct a seeking friend to.

Of course, it isn’t possible to go into all the detail that people might be looking for on just 5 Sunday evenings. Be assured, however, that there is so much material out there to help us think about the Bible’s claim to be the Word of God.

Here are some resources to get you started…


Introduction to the Doctrine of Scripture – Tim Ward

Isn’t the Bible Full of Errors? – Pete Saunders and Mark Pickering

Why Accept the Authority of the Bible? A Twelve Step Argument – Andrew Wilson

Is the Bible the word of God? – Andrew Wilson

The Chicago Statement On Biblical Inerrancy

Canon Fodder – Michael Kruger (expert in the formation of the Biblical ‘canon’)

Videos and audios

Why is the Bible reliable? – Tim Keller

Can We Know the Exact Words of Scripture – Peter Williams

Did the Events Recorded in the Bible Really Happen? – Chris Knight

Ancient and Unreliable: Isn’t the Bible just a book of myths? – Adrian Holloway

Encountering Challenges to Biblical Inerrancy – Mike Kruger, Andreas Kostenberger

Are the Gospels Historically Accurate? – Peter Williams

Subtle Ways to Abandon the Authority of Scripture – Don Carson


Unbreakable: What The Son Of God Said About The Word Of God – Andrew Wilson

Can We Trust The Gospels? – Peter Williams

God’s Word Alone: The Authority Of Scripture – Matthew Barrett*

The Enduring Authority Of The Christian Scriptures – Don Carson*

*more challenging reads