9Jun24_11AM – “The Invited” – Luke 14v15-24 (Provocative parables)

9Jun24_11AM – “The Invited” – Luke 14v15-24 (Provocative parables)

Welcome to our post for Sunday Morning 9 June 2024

This Sunday morning, we continue our series in Provocative – the parables of Jesus. This week we are looking at the parable of the Great Banquet with Colin Adams.

This service is live-streamed on our YouTube channel (link opens in new tab/window)

The songs for this service are:

1/ Far and near hear the call (Say it loud)
2/ Are you thirsty (Living Waters)
3/ You choose the humble (The same love)
4/ Prepare our hearts O God (Show us Christ)
5/ Facing a task unfinished (We go to all the world)

Evening Service

For our Evening Service this week, we continue our series on God is…, this week looking at ‘God is Glorious’.

Our Evening Service will also include open communion.

Making space midweek with Thursdays @ GV

Let us remember and commit to making space for Thursdays @ GV where we either meet in our prayer meetings or our community groups. This week is our Community Group week.