7Aug22_11AM “Signs of the end” – Mark 13v1-37

7Aug22_11AM “Signs of the end” – Mark 13v1-37

Welcome to our post for Sunday Morning 7th August 2022

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We start back again in Marks Gospel ‘I will follow’ series, after our holiday break in July.

The songs for this service are:

1/ Jesus is Lord the cry that echoes through creation.
2/ O church arise.
3/ Though the nations rage (Ancient of Days).
4/ Great is the darkness.
5/ When this passing world is done.

Communion – takes place in this morning’s service

Evening Service

Tonight in our Evening Service, we pick up again in our ‘Real Church’ series in 1 Corinthians.

Making space midweek with Thursdays @ GV

Let us remember and commit to make space for Thursdays @ GV where we either meet for prayer or meet for community in our Prayer meetings and our Community Groups. This week is our Prayer Meeting week.  (We are meeting for prayer each week now until end of August and community groups will resume then).