3 Books On Knowing Christ

3 Books On Knowing Christ

The most important book is the Bible, but beyond that there are books that can help us understand Scripture, growing our love for God and giving us wisdom in how to live. Here are 3 books on the theme of “Knowing Christ.”


  1. Gentle and Lowly by Dale Ortlund is a book that a lot of people are talking about. Having read it recently, the hype is justified. Many Christians have a clear sense of what Christ has done, but are less knowledgeable about who Christ is. Who is he? What is his heart? What characterises his attitude towards us as sinners and sufferers?

If you’re a follower of Christ are not be sure that he likes you very much, this is definitely the book for you! Gentle and Lowly is a tonic for the soul.

Reading level: accessible/ intermediate


2. The Jesus Storybook Bible is a beautiful little book by Sally Lloyd-Jones. With excellent illustrations to accompany the text, the strength of this book is the way it unpacks the whole Bible in a Jesus-centred way. No moralising Old Testament stories here…but drawing out connections to Jesus from Genesis onwards.

While this book is aimed at children between about 7-11 years old, I must confess to having benefited from it myself a few times over. A goldmine for Sunday School teachers, and full of the gospel from start to finish.

Readability: accessible.


3. I’m thrilled that in the month of August we will be starting a new six week series on the theme of ‘Union with Christ’ – which I think is one of the least understood, yet most important doctrines in Scripture. Probably the most accessible book I’ve come across on this admittedly mind-stretching subject is Rankin Wilbourne’s Union with Christ.

Tim Keller’s recommendation should be enough to commend this book to you (“This is simply the best book on the subject”) but suffice to say that Wilbourne does a great job of both explaining union with Christ and showing it’s relevance to our lives.

Reading level: intermediate (though Wilbourne really does well to relate it to the average Christian).

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