2020: The Plan

2020: The Plan

For a lot longer than Christmas I have been mulling over next year’s preaching. After conversations and cogitations, a preaching program has emerged! 

As always we’ve tried to keep a balance between the Old and New Testaments (2 Timothy 3:16, Luke 24:44), believing that both are the Word of God and point to the Word, the Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever the year – and 2020 is ‘cool’ – the aims of our preaching never alter or change. We seek to edify the church, evangelise the lost and exalt the name of the Lord Jesus.

Pray that this would be so!

Colin Adams 


“Empire building”  (2nd Samuel) The rise of David’s empire and the promise of a much greater one is what this book is about. This is a story of adversity, victory, conspiracy and compromise. Yet it’s ultimately a story about the triumph of God’s faithfulness.

“One – a series on Union with Christ” (various texts) – A six part series on the most important doctrine that you may not have heard of. Find out why there is no salvation without union with Christ. That we are in Christ and Christ is in us has massive implications for our everyday lives.

“Love Story” (Song of Songs) – Yes…..We are doing Song of Songs! Lots to ponder about marriage, sex and relationships. But like every book of the Bible, its a book about God too. Expect to see the beuty of God’s covenant love to the bride that he loves!


“King’s Agenda” (Matthew 3-7) – Our second segment of Matthew will take in Jesus’ baptism, temptation and his famous Sermon on the Mount. Expect remarkable fulfilments of Old Testament patterns and some grounded, radical teaching for our everyday lives.

“Salvation through judgement” (Revelation 15-22). This will be the second part of a series that we began last year (“Apocalypse Now” – chs 1-14). Anticipate fearsome pictures of judgement followed by stunning pictures of salvation for those who trust in the Lamb.

“Calvary Road” (various texts) – The summer communion series. Let’s get our sandals dirty as we follow Jesus along the barren road from Caesarea Philippi to the cross.

“Since Jesus is returning….” (various texts) – A series of practical questions asked and answered as we seek to live in the hope of Christ’s coming. Questions include: how should we view the environment, how should we face death and how should we use our time?