2019 series

2019 series

2019 is hurtling towards us like a freight train. One of the things this means is that we’re leaving some parts of the Bible behind (Exodus, Philippians) and moving on to some fresh ground.

So here is an overview of the year, all subject to God’s will of course. I encourage you to read ahead, pray for the preachers, and pray for yourself. May God change us all as we study his word.



“Jesus Acts part 3: Christianity on Trial” (Jan – Mar)

Acts chapters 21-28 records Paul’s arrest and journey to Rome. Prisoner-Paul and his Christian faith are repeatedly put on trial throughout these chapters. We’ll learn much about defending our faith, while again being reassured of the gospel’s unstoppable power.


“Apocalypse Now: studies in Revelation” (Jan-Apr) 

People often think of Revelation as an obscure book, only to do with the distant future. While Revelation does speak much of the future, its purpose is to help God’s people in the here and now. (This series will cover chapters 1 – 14. Chapters 15 – 22 will be preached in 2020).


“Forgotten fathers” (Apr-Jun) 

Abraham and Joseph are probably the two most famous patriarchs. Their life stories are well-known and often told. But how well do we know the lives of Isaac and Jacob? (Genesis chapters 21 – 36). These sometimes ‘forgotten fathers’ were actually crucial players in God’s plan of salvation. 

“Faith at work” (May)

To be human is to work, and yet work can often seem to de-humanise us. In this topical series, we’re going to be asking questions of the Bible, such as: “Is work good?” “Why is work hard?” “How should a Christian work?” “Why should I take a rest?”

“Incomparable Christ” (summer evenings) 

Scriptural reflections on Jesus Christ. He is truly and sublimely incomparable!


“The book of Job” (Aug)

Why do bad things seem to happen to good people? Can we work out the reasons behind the things that we suffer? And where is God in all of this?  These six sermons will overview the book of Job. 

“The One Anothers of the New Testament (Sep – Nov)

There are over 50 ‘one another’ commands in the New Testament. Our series will look at a cross-section of these commands, and ask how they apply them in our church community.


“1st John” (Sep-Dec) 

This reassuring letter was written to Christians who were lacking assurance. False teachers were unsettling them, people who were claiming to live a ‘superior spiritual life.’ 1st John then, will help us think through an issue that all believers can struggle with. Am I really a true Christian?