1May22_11AM “Glory through suffering” Mark 9v2-29

1May22_11AM “Glory through suffering” Mark 9v2-29

Welcome to our post for Sunday Morning 1st May

We continue our series in the Gospel according to Mark called “I will follow”. We look forward to unpacking what Mark has to tell and show us about Jesus and his kingdom.

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The songs for this service are:

1/ King of kings, majesty. Jarrod Cooper © 1996 | Sovereign Lifestyle Music | CCLI#1581778.
2/ Hosanna. Carl Tuttle © 1985 | Mercy / Vineyard Publishing | CCLI#21545.
3/ My heart is full of admiration (All the glory). Graham Kendrick © 1991 | Make Way Music | CCLI#729555.
4/ Glory to thee thou Son of God Most High. Edward C. Quine © Public Domain
5/ Lord I come, I confess (Lord I need you). Christy Nockels, Daniel Carson, Jesse Reeves, Kristian Stanfill & Matt Maher Lord, I need you lyrics © Capitol Christian Music Group | CCLI#5925687.

Communion – takes place in this morning’s service

Evening Service

Tonight in our Evening Service, we continue in a new series looking at prayer – the heart and the how – bring prayerfully dependent – Join us at 6pm at GV.

Making space midweek with Thursdays @ GV

Let us remember and commit to make space for Thursdays @ GV where we either meet for prayer or meet for community in our Prayer meetings and our Community Groups. This week is our Prayer meeting week.