Youth and Students

Youth and Students

We want to help young people explore the Christian faith and truths of the Bible in ways that engage and inform and grow as followers of Jesus

We have a youth ministry for S1 – S6 and run a youth club on Friday evenings during term times and a bible centred youth night on Sundays during term time. There is a monthly group for students called #1825.

S1 – S6: Youth Ministry

We know that Youth are under pressure…pluralism, relativism, sexualisation, materialism, secularism and the god of self and self-image.

These cultural pressures can be seen in a variety of ways which affect young people – such as escapism into drugs, alcohol or pornography; self-image problems; narcissism and self-absorption; fear of commitment; promiscuity and lack of confidence and embarrassment in the Christian faith.

It is in this environment that Greenview Youth ministry operates – seeking to apply timeless biblical truths to contemporary challenges and the unique life-stage of young people.  The ultimate aim of Christian youth work is the same as all Christian ministry – to fulfil the Great Commission by ‘making disciples’ (Matthew 28:18-20).  We minister to young people in their teens because the gospel of Jesus is the best news for teen life in the 21st Century.    Currently, the regular activities are:


Youth Fellowship for S1 -S6 on Sunday evenings at 7.30pm, usually in one of the church family’s home.

Other Youth related things:

  • We engage with parents (and hold a yearly Parents lunch to discuss relevant aspects of the youth ministry)
  • We run yearly Youth Service – “by youth for youth”
  • Young people are involved in various ministries such as music and children’s work
  • Actively encourage prayer for youth, their parents and youth leaders
  • We run Youth Weekends, and various ‘days out’, ‘nights in’
  • We encourage young people to get to a summer conference or camp: e.g. Abernethy, Christians in Sport, Contagious, SU Holidays

#1825 for Students

We run a monthly event for students to meet.  See their facebook page for details.   We also encourage students to meet with their fellow Christians in the Christian Unions that operate across the Universities and Colleges under UCCF Scotland.   This encourages students to reach students with initiatives such as Uncover where you can read the Bible together with another student.